Welcome to ChessHunt

ChessHunt is an online chess platform for professionals as well as hobby players. You can either play rated games and fight your way to the leaderboard, or just have fun, make friends and chat.


ChessHunt currently supports following features.

  • Online chat

  • Time controlled play

  • Play rated games

  • Leaderboard - Fight your way to the top of the listing

  • Local unrated play - practice the game or play a friend locally

  • User account management

Browser support

Since ChessHunt is developed using the latest WebSockets technology, the browsers support is currently limited. To make sure you are able to enjoy playing on ChessHunt we recommend to install latest FireFox or Chrome. For detailed list of browsers supporting websockets check this link

Playing Modes

ChessHunt support two different playing modes i.e. Local Play and Online Play

  • Local Play
    You can use ChessHunt for analysing your games or play an unrated game locally. The game is private, not saved in the system and neither visible to any other player on ChessHunt.
    To do so, use the START LOCAL GAME button shown above

  • Online Play
    To start online play, first choose the time duration for the game, using the dropdown in the top panel

    The format is initial minutes plus incremented seconds on each move.
    After the time selection, click the SEEK ONLINE GAME button in the top panel.

    You can also join an already seeked game by other player. Other player seeks are listed under the GAMES tab.

    Click on the Join link to start the game with the listed player (fire).

Contact me?

If you have any feedback, suggestions or you wish to report any issue, please contact me at anshusharma1983@gmail.com
Please mention "ChessHunt" in the subject to help me filter out the email. Thanks !